• Is this a religious course?

    Far from it. Some may say it is not "religious enough." It IS a spiritual course and focuses on the power of relationship. "Stop Obsessing, Start Manifesting!" is Christ-conscious and people-soft. It emphasizes healing from the thoughts, emotions, and events that stagnate the life of a healer and innovator due to the tenderness of their hearts and grandness of God's vision for their life work. As a disciple of Christ, I refer to the teachings of Jesus. The teachings, however, are shared to highlight the conditions of the human heart and opportunities for its glorious expansion. The teachings are not shared to hurt, diminish, or isolate anyone of differing beliefs.

  • Everyone is talking about manifesting. What makes this course different?

    A lot of people are talking about getting what you want and using the law of attraction to your advantage. But everyone is not talking about the personal level of organization that is required to raise your vibration so you can manifest. This course will help you organize yourself spiritually and psychologically so you can create and sustain a life that rewards you as you uplift others. Doing the coursework/homework is key.

  • Is this course really going to help me?

    Yes! But it only works to the extent that you work. The insights and tools that are offered in this course will help you to rethink the limitations you hold about yourself so you can live the life you were divinely created to live. But only you can decide if you are really ready to give up the limitations that keep you stuck.

  • How long will it take for me to start applying the tools offered in this course?

    The tools are easy to use and can be applied right away. Additionally, you will have access to the course material for 150 days after you first join. You are not guaranteed to get everything you ask for while taking the course. But if you do the coursework and integrate the strategies into your current wellness practice, you will experience more than you can imagine.

  • In what areas of my life will this course help me?

    This course will help you spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and professionally. It can help you in areas of managing stress, reducing anxiety, developing a growth mindset, and increasing spirit-brain-body coherence. Learners will also deepen their communication skills; quicken their decision-making skills; and learn ways to reduce their recovery time after disappointment.


Education Architect

Ashley Blanco

Ashley M. Blanco is a San Francisco, CA Native; the granddaughter of Garifuna Immigrants from Honduras and Migrants from Mississippi; and a proud alumna of Howard University and Brown University. As a support to families in San Francisco's Unified School District, children and elders continue to be her wisest instructors. She believes that having a relationship with the Most High and living in connection to Mother Africa within is key to cultivating healing leaders for a hurting world.